Dr. Konstantina (Tina) Katsouli is the Founder of the innovative Greek Version of NLP Program known as “NLP and Longevity.”

She is a Life Coach/Strategic Interventionist and NLP Practitioner.

The “Greek Version of NLP” Program is based on a holistic approach of happiness following the Greek notion of whole (όλον) and helps people become happy and successful both personally and professionally. It aims at showing people how they can achieve Longevity by adopting and maintaining a positive attitude in every field of their life through self-awareness, self-love and self-improvement.

The Program is a combination of NLP core principles and ancient Greek philosophy and theory with a focus on the concept of euphoria and eudaimonia, which for ancient Greeks was a symbol for the holistic approach to our health and happiness. It was first introduced by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, (who wrote about the eudemonic well-being in his Nichomacean Ethics book) and the stoic philosopher Epictetus.

Konstantina is a Greek (originally from Athens and Sparta) lawyer and a SJD holder, who graduated with honors (summa cum laude) from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Law and specialized in Copyright Law as well as European Data Protection and Financial Law. Her Greek origin in combination with the education that she took, especially thanks to her beloved mother who is an archaeologist in Greece, helped her get inspired and create an alternative version of the Neurolinguistic Program, NLP and Longevity. That was the outcome of in-depth study of ancient Greek philosophers, such as the Epicurean, the Stoic, the Aristotelian and the Platonist and gradually learned how to benefit from different theories by applying them in practice.

After several years of studies in the European Institute of Saarland in Germany, the George Washington Law School in Washington, DC and after a successful career as a lawyer in the private sector in Europe and the public sector in the United States, Konstantina took the decision to devote exclusively to her big passion, which was the study of human soul with the ultimate goal of achieving a positive attitude and happiness in her own life.

Over the last years, Konstantina was thoroughly trained in the United States and became a certified Strategic Intervention (SI) Practitioner of Excellence (Strategic Intervention BC Certificate) as well as a Life Coach. She also earned her degree as NLP Practitioner from inlp Neuro-Linguistic (IATC, Internationally Accredited Training Center) and has successfully been working with her clients, who have experienced the outstandingly positive impact on their life after attending and applying the innovative Greek Version of NLP (NLP and Longevity).